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Missing Plane: Material Washes Ashore In Oz

Written By kom nampul on Rabu, 23 April 2014 | 23.39

Officials searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane say material has washed ashore off the coast of Western Australia.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is now examining photographs of the objects, which have been secured by police in the region, to establish whether they are linked to flight MH370.

Authorities said the images had also been passed to investigators in Malaysia.

A woman prays for passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 at Kechara retreat centre in Bentong Relatives are urging governments not to give up the search

The development came after Australia pledged to keep searching for the plane despite no sign of wreckage after almost seven weeks.

Bad weather is continuing to hamper the search with aircraft grounded for the second day due to heavy rain, low clouds and rough seas.

An undersea drone is nearing the end of its first full mission and Australian PM Tony Abbott says the search strategy may change if seabed scans taken by the US Navy drone fails to find a trace of MH370, which vanished on March 8 with 239 people on board.

The search area for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on April 17 The deep search covers an area where sonar equipment picked up a signal

"We may well re-think the search but we will not rest until we have done everything we can to solve this mystery," he said.

"The only way we can get to the bottom of this is to keep searching the probable impact zone until we find something or until we have searched it as thoroughly as human ingenuity allows at this time."

The Bluefin-21 drone is a key component in the search after the detection of audio signals, or "pings", believed to be from the plane's black box flight .

Missing Malaysia plane news conference Relatives are asking Mr Hussein to investigate old media reports

The search co-ordination centre said the robotic submarine had so far covered more than 80% of the 120 square mile (310 square kilometres) seabed search zone off the Australian west coast, creating a three-dimensional sonar map of the ocean floor, but failing to find anything of interest.

The 2.8 mile (4.5-kilometre) deep search area is a circle 12 miles (20 km) wide around an area where sonar equipment picked up a signal on April 8 consistent with a plane's black boxes. The batteries powering those signals are now dead.

Both Australia and Malaysia are under growing pressure to show what lengths they are prepared to go to in order to give closure to the grieving families of those on board.

In a sign of the families' growing desperation for answers, a group purporting to be relatives of the missing flight's passengers wrote a letter to Malaysian defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein, urging the government to investigate old media reports that the plane landed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

"It is high time that the government should start thinking out of the box by exploring and re-examining all leads, new and old," said the letter, published on Facebook on Wednesday.

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Murder Probe As 'Disabled' Children Found Dead

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three young children were found dead at a house in southwest London.

Officers discovered the bodies when they were called to a large, semi-detached home in Thetford Road, New Malden, at around 9.30pm on Tuesday.

Sky sources say the three children - a four-year-old girl and two three-year-old boys - were disabled and had "life-limiting genetic conditions".

The 42-year-old woman arrested was taken to hospital with minor injuries and later discharged. She is in custody at a south London police station.

New Malden deaths Gary Clarence and his sons, and their Victorian house in Thetford Road

Chief Superintendent Glenn Tunstall told a news conference on Wednesday afternoon officers are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

He said specialist detectives are providing support to the family.

Sky's Joe Tidy, at the scene, said a South African couple - named locally as Gary and Tania Clarence - moved into the house with their four children around six months ago.

They moved in after the £1.2m property was redeveloped with mobility equipment, including a lift.

Mr Clarence, a director at Investec Bank, and his eldest child are abroad, and are travelling back today.

His company said in a statement: "Gary Clarence is a valued colleague and has worked with us for many years.

Flowers at the sceneFlowers at the scene Flowers and toys have been left outside the house

"We do not know the facts at this time but our thoughts are with the Clarence family.  We are doing all that we can to help Gary and his eldest child and ask that their privacy is respected."

Officers removed evidence bags from the property this morning. It is unclear whether the children's bodies are still inside the house.

Post-mortem examinations are to take place later.

Neighbour Michele Bacchus, 38, said two "very, very upset" women had asked to use her toilet last night, an hour after four police cars and an ambulance arrived.

The women, one in her 30s and the other in her 50s, said they were relatives of the Clarence family and had come from Cobham, Surrey.

New Malden map Police are investigating the incident in New Malden

One had a South African accent and the other was too upset to speak, she said.

Another neighbour, retired nurse Joy Devis, 86, said she had been in the house "once or twice" and described the Clarences as a "delightful couple".

"They'd got every kind of equipment they could possibly get for those children," she told Sky News.

"One I never saw out of a wheelchair; she was in her buggy. The other two were moving about with difficulty."

She said the family had help from a nanny and a maid.

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Madeleine Police Probe Five New Assault Cases

By Rachel Younger, Sky News Correspondent

British police are looking at five new cases in which young British girls were sexually abused during holiday home break-ins by an intruder in the Algarve.

One of these assaults took place on a 10-year-old girl in Praia da Luz, from where Madeleine McCann vanished two years later.

These new cases are similar to some of the originally identified twelve offences where a male intruder gained access to holiday villas occupied by British families in the Western Algarve.

Scotland Yard recently made an appeal to trace the intruder which lead to 500 people contacting them with new information.

Madeleine crime scene Madeleine disappeared from her bed in Praia da Luz in 2007

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said today: "We have now identified a further five sexual assaults and one near miss. None of those six matters we were aware of prior to our appeal.

"In this new tranche of information we have got one crime which is very clearly in the heart of Praia da Luz in 2005, on a young, white, 10-year-old girl.

"Clearly the fact that we've now got an assault that is in the heart of Praia da Luz, very close to where a previous matter had been reported, means that we are even more interested in this as part of the inquiry."

In four of these incidents the man sexually assaulted five white girls, aged between seven and 10, while they were in their beds.

Although Portuguese police have turned down requests for a joint investigation, British police added they are poised to begin operations in Portugal following an official agreement from Portuguese police later this week.

An artist's impression of a man carrying a child Police are still keen to trace a man seen near Madeleine's appartment

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said he is "cautiously optimistic" Portuguese and British officers can act soon.

"I am cautiously optimistic that in the not-too-distant future we are going to start to see activity," he said.

Officers have so far identified a series of 18 crimes committed between 2004 and 2010 where a male intruder entered villas occupied by UK families on holiday in the Western Algarve.

Twelve of these are assaults which took place between 2004 and 2010, although the vast majority happened before Madelaine's disappearance. All involved girls aged between 6 and 12 years old.

Police believe the suspect may have been in the villas for some time before being disturbed by parents or a child waking up - and he remained calm even when interrupted.

The noise of a bin collection lorry was heard nearby on two occasions.

The suspect is described as having tanned skin with short, dark, unkempt hair.

Police are still hunting a man seen carrying a girl fitting Madeleine's description on the night of her disappearance.

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Camilla's Brother Suffers 'Serious Head Injury'

The Duchess of Cornwall's brother Mark Shand is in hospital in New York after suffering a "serious head injury" during a fall.

A statement from Clarence House said: "The Duchess of Cornwall's brother, Mark Shand, has been taken to a New York hospital after falling and sustaining a serious head injury.

"The Duchess, her family and The Prince of Wales are clearly deeply concerned and are being kept closely informed."

More follows...

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RAF Jet Chases Russian Planes Away From UK

Two Russian surveillance planes which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter.

The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev 95s, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland.

They turned away from Britain when the RAF scrambled one of its Typhoon jet fighters.

More follows...

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Holland Boss Favourite To Fill United Hot Seat

Written By kom nampul on Selasa, 22 April 2014 | 23.39

Holland boss Louis van Gaal is runaway favourite to replace David Moyes as Manchester United manager.

Sky Bet ranks the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager as 5/4 to become the next permanent manager of the troubled champions.

He is followed by Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp at 9/1, Old Trafford legend Ryan Giggs at 10/1, and Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone 16/1.

Sir Alex Ferguson, who retired at the end of last season, is joint fifth-favourite at 22/1.

Any move for Van Gaal would be complicated by his commitment to the Netherlands for the World Cup in Brazil - which could keep him tied up until after July 13 if they make it to the final.

Meanwhile Klopp, 46, has repeatedly reiterated his commitment to Dortmund and recently signed a contract extension - but he has had to deal with the frustration of seeing his best talent poached by rivals Bayern Munich.

Giggs has taken over until the end of the season, but it would be a gamble to give such a high profile job to a player with no managerial experience.

Carlos Quieroz, Sir Alex's former assistant at Old Trafford, was once seen as a possible heir to the United hot seat.

He is currently in charge of the Iranian national side, and is also 22/1 to replace Moyes.

Pep Guardiola is currently at fairly long odds of 25/1 – partly due to a successful first season at Bayern Munich's helm.

Speculation in Italy suggests United have already made initial contact with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, through his agent, Jorge Mendes.

He was widely thought to have been keen to take over from Sir Alex last summer, but returned to Chelsea after Moyes was appointed.

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Nigel Farage: UKIP Policies Not Racist

Nigel Farage has rejected claims that UKIP's policies heading into the European elections are racist.

The UKIP leader launched his party's election drive in Sheffield on Tuesday afternoon, amid controversy over their campaign posters.

Labour MP Mike Gapes said one of the posters - which implied 26 million Europeans were after British jobs - was "racist".

But asked whether giving British workers preferential treatment was indeed racist, Mr Farage told Sky News: "I think it's the job of the Government to make sure it puts British people and their interests first, yes. Of that there is no question.

"I don't think it can be deemed racist in any way.

"We've never in our history had a complete open door, and now we have one to 485 million people.

Ukip poster campaign One of the controversial UKIP posters

"I don't think we should have a complete open door to the labour market in this country from the European Union."

Speaking earlier to launch the campaign, Mr Farage predicted an "earthquake in British politics" when voters take to the polls in the European elections on May 22.

The Eurosceptic leader declared: "I think we will win."

"These are the most important European elections that have ever been fought in this country," he told the gathered crowd.

"We've got a chance four and a half weeks from now to cause such a shock in the British political system that it will be nothing short of an earthquake.

"If UKIP wins these elections, a referendum and a chance to get back control of our country will be one massive, massive step closer."

Mr Farage stood on an election van - which carried one of the controversial posters - and told reporters UKIP were mounting their "biggest and most professional campaign" ever.

UKIP launch European election campaign. Nigel Farage launches his party's campaign in Sheffield

UKIP donor Paul Sykes - who used to help finance the Tories - also attended the launch.

He had a heated exchange with a journalist who asked how much money he'd spent on the campaign.

"I haven't stopped spending yet," he said, before turning questioner himself. "How much do you think self-governance of this country is worth?"

Pressed again, Mr Sykes offered an approximate figure of £1.2m or £1.4m.

Labour Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Jim Murphy, believes the media are placing too much emphasis on UKIP's advertising campaign.

He told Sky News: "Unfortunately, and understandably perhaps, the media's attention will be on posters rather than UKIP's manifesto, because while these posters are certainly controversial and play upon people's worst fears, the real worry about UKIP is the detail of their policies."

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Keeping Moyes 'A Bigger Gamble Than Hiring Him'

David Moyes lost the faith of Manchester United's owners the Glazer family, and with it his job, because sticking with him represented a bigger gamble than hiring him in the first place.

Moyes was hired, exclusively on the advice of his compatriot Sir Alex Ferguson, with what now looks like negligent haste. The Glazer family chose to ignore the claims of other candidates, including Jose Mourinho, to give Ferguson's protege a six-year contract.

If that was a risk it was as a calculated one. Moyes' 10 years at Everton did not yield a trophy but they did merit respect, and a chance to prove he could step up to the very highest level.

The answer, after nine months and two transfer windows, was a resounding "no".

Malcom Glazer Malcolm Glazer appears to have lost patience with Moyes

Moyes is a fine manager and a decent man but he seemed overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge. Where once he was certain, he second-guessed. Having run Everton in his own image, at United he could not escape his predecessor's shadow.

It left the Glazers with an even bigger decision than the one they faced last summer.

It is beyond question that United's squad needs a fundamental overhaul. It is a £150m project that will set the foundations for the next three to five years.

So the question for Old Trafford's Floridian absentee landlords was whether to trust it to a man struggling with the demands of the job, amid growing hostility from some players and colleagues.

Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes of Manchester United celebrate in the dressing room with the FA Cup after the Liverpool v Manchester United FA Cup Final between Liverpool v Manchester United at Wembley Stadium on May 11, 1996 There have been reports of poor relations with legends Giggs and Scholes

Friction with senior figures including Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, and disaffection from players such as Danny Welbeck offered them little comfort, and humiliating defeats to Liverpool and Manchester City chipped away at Moyes' credibility.

Despite this the Glazers were still looking hard for evidence that he could be trusted with the club's future on and off the field. They appear to have found none.

There is simply too much risk for owners who need success to drive the commercial performance that pays the interest on the loans with which they bought the club. Ferguson guaranteed that. The only guarantee with Moyes is uncertainty.

So after nine years of stability under Sir Alex, the Glazers are searching for their second manager in nine months. They can ill-afford to get it wrong again. Expect the new man to have Champions League experience and an international profile.

The Chosen One banner - a reference to David Moyes being chosen by Sir Alex Ferguson as his successor at Old Trafford. Ferguson chose Moyes - but that appears to have been a mistake

The new coach will also mark a new era.

When Ferguson recommended Moyes he was promoting a principle as well as a pal. In his fellow Glaswegian he saw a man who would maintain the values he instilled, the commitment to the long-term and developing their own talent.

That idea of United as a special club, one that does not panic, sack its manager and buy its way out of trouble, may die with Moyes' departure.

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William and Kate Battle Heat And Flies At Uluru

By Jonathan Samuels, Australia Correspondent

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited the Red Centre of Australia, battling the heat and flies to see the famous landmark Uluru for themselves.

The giant red sandstone rock, two miles long and a mile wide and previously known as Ayers Rock, is a must-see tourist destination in the middle of the harsh outback environment.

William and Kate walked up to the landmark and were given a guided tour where they were told the Aboriginal stories connected with it that have been passed down through generations.

The Royal couple earlier visited the National Indigenous Training Academy, where they handed certificates to young Aboriginal students.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge The Royals gave out certificates at an indigenous training academy

Among them Bindi MacPherson, who has just passed a course in painting and decorating, chatted with the Duchess.

She said: "Kate noticed I was wearing my decorator's gear, which was because I'd just come from a job, and I said, 'if you need the nursery redecorating I know a good painter!'"

The Cambridges also watched traditional dancing, while the owners of Uluru, the Anangu, sang and beat clapping sticks.

The Royal couple were later given a basket of paper paintings made from the droppings of a mala - a type of small wallaby - and a carved wooden shield.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana pose at Uluru in 1983 Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Uluru in 1983

Then there was a photo opportunity in front of the rock, reminiscent of the pictures taken of Charles and Diana when they visited in 1983.

A schoolgirl who was lucky enough to witness the photo session joked about the flies that plague anything that moves.

The girl said: "You were both like magic when the photos were being taken. I was like 'How are they not swatting flies away?'"

Kate laughed: "I know. It was difficult", while William added: "They were all coming for us."

Afterwards the couple stood and watched as the sun set over Uluru, the colours and shadows constantly changing as the light faded.

Chief Minister for the Northern Territory Adam Giles said the whole region was "pumped" that the young couple had included the remote outback area on their itinerary.

Royal visit to Australia and NZ - Day 16 Kate swats a fly as the couple are given a spear

"We've got schoolkids who've travelled long and far to see the Royals," he told Sky News.

The couple travelled without nine-month-old George to the dry 31C (88F) heat of the central desert region.

When some schoolgirls asked Kate and William about their son, they said he had changed a lot while they had been away, with the Duke admitting he was not looking forward to the long flight home.

"He can get a bit grumpy on the long flights," he said.

The couple will spend Tuesday night in a luxury outback retreat before heading to Adelaide on Wednesday.

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David Moyes Sacked: Man Utd Shares Rise

David Moyes has been sacked as Manchester United manager, with Ryan Giggs taking over until the end of the season.

A statement on the club's website said: "Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the club.

Manchester United Training Session Manchester United veteran Giggs will take the reins for the remaining games

"The club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role."

Shortly after, it released another statement, saying: "Ryan Giggs, the club's most decorated player, will assume responsibility for the first team until a permanent appointment can be made."

Moyes was informed of the decision to let him go this morning at the club's Carrington training ground, said Sky's Paul Kelso.

Chief executive Ed Woodward is said to have told Moyes the news face to face.

Manchester United shares rose 6% on the New York Stock Exchange during the first few hours of trading today.

Speculation over the sacking started yesterday, after United's 2-0 weekend defeat to Moyes' former club Everton.

Men Tipped For Manchester United Job If David Moyes Sacked Louis Van GaalMen Tipped For Manchester United Job If David Moyes Sacked Jurgen Klopp Van Gaal (L) and Jurgen Klopp are among favourites to take over

The result left the champions in seventh place and made it impossible for them to qualify for next season's Champions League for the first time since 1995.

The team has lost 11 times this season, six at home, and also endured defeats to bitter rivals Manchester City and Liverpool.

There has reportedly been discontent among some of the club's top players during Moyes' time at Old Trafford.

The Chosen One banner - a reference to David Moyes being chosen by Sir Alex Ferguson as his successor at Old Trafford. Moyes' tenure fell well short of fans' early expectations

Moyes was handpicked by Sir Alex Ferguson after 11 years at Everton where he guided the team to five top-six finishes.

The 50-year-old signed a six-year contract but is now set for a pay-off of around £4m - a year's salary - after less than a year in charge.

Former Manchester United star Gary Neville - whose brother Phil was part of Moyes' backroom staff - told Sky he thought the manager should have been given more time, but admitted the club's form had taken a nose dive.

"The results have been poor," said Neville.

"As a fan, I haven't enjoyed watching it.

Manchester United manager David Moyes on touchline as a fan dressed as the Grim Reaper watches from the stands. Nail in the coffin? Moyes' team lost 2-0 at Everton on Sunday

"The performances have got worse and worse. There was a little bit of a pick-me-up at Christmas where you thought there might be a little bit of a run.

"But in the last month or two the performances have deteriorated - Olympiakos, Liverpool and the Everton one were particular low points."

Dwight Yorke, part of United's 1999 treble winning side, also told Sky Sports that Moyes had been a "huge disappointment".

Ex-England striker Gary Lineker posted on Twitter: "Wish David Moyes all the very best. He's a good man and a good manager, just not the right fit for Manchester United."

Favourites to replace the Scot include Louis van Gaal, manager of the Dutch national side, and Borussia Dortmund's Jurgen Klopp.

Diego Simeone is also in the frame after a successful season at Athletico Madrid.

But it is Old Trafford legend Giggs who will look to steady the ship for the remaining four games of the season.

The club's American owners, the Glazer family, are thought to be ready to bankroll a summer spending spree of £150m or more as the club pushes for a swift return to the top of the game.

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